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The Blue Knights is an incorporated fraternal organization comprised of Law Enforcement Officers from every aspect of the job, who share a passion for motorcycle riding. The organization was created in 1974 in the Great State of Maine ,and has now grown to having members in twenty-eight countries with close to 26,000 members. It is the worlds largest Law Enforcement motorcycle club.

Blue Knights Gwinnett - BKGAXVI has been joined by up to 80 members since our first meeting on October 25, 2007. This chapter has become one of the largest in the Great State of Georgia and the Blue Knights Southeastern conference. If you are Law Enforcement officer full time, part-time or retired and you own any make of motorcycle, you qualify for membership. To become a member, just send us an e-mail or visit one of our monthly meetings. 

                                                         You can own any brand of motorcycle to join our club.

                                       Your bike must be road worthy, licensed and registered as mandated by Law!

                                                                                            Blue Knights GA XVI

                                                                                                                         P.O. Box 322

                                                                                                             Lawrenceville, Ga. 30046